sTabLauncher 2.2

Access your favourite programs in a different way

sTabLauncher offers you a dofferent way to access your programs and favourties. In acts like an animated tools bar which you can place at the top ot bottom of your screen.

When you need to use one of your programs, you only have to wave your mouse curosor over it and the bar appears smoothly in front of your eyes. Clicking once on each program also starts a small animation just before it executes.

sTabLauncher also allows you to change the form, colour and names of programs as well as add new links just as easily as with Windows Explorer.



sTabLauncher 2.2

User reviews about sTabLauncher

  • pufflekid

    by pufflekid


    It is 1.0 and I suggest using your time wisly and not dowloading this because it dosent do what it says it does so us...   More.